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We are a group of personal trainers and fitness profressionals commited to providing the utmost TLC to all of our clients. Providing inperson, group exercise, and online training, we are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Whether those goals are to lose weight, gain bulk, perfect your golf swing, compete in your first fitness competition or find the energy to chase after your kids we can accomplish them together!  When you are ready to tackle those personal fitness goals you let us know, because we are ready to help you tackle them together every step of the way!

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Why in the world is online training going to work?

Let’s be honest, you found your way here because you have an interest in becoming healthier in some way or another!  That is terrific and we are glad you found us!!  Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, sexy and strong.  It makes the world a better place.  But life gets hectic and busy and you don’t know where to start.  So then we get behind and instead of taking time to figure things out we look for the “quick fix”.   We try to follow the latest fad workout or crash diet, but all that brings you are false promises.

But you're here which means you are different!!  You may have tried those “quick fixes” in the past, but you know better, and now you are ready to make a lasting change.  You are ready to take the steps to a healthier you and want it simple enough to fit into your busy life!!

To start you may turn to Google to try learning on your own.  The problem with Google is it is overwhelming!! You can find whatever you are looking to find good or bad.  In fact you may be able to find a diet consisting of only McDonald’s cheeseburgers, but we all know in our heart that is not healthy!!

What you need is something personal that is designed just for you!  It needs to address your lifestyle, your struggles and your goals!   You may have considered a personal trainer in the past but lets face it, nowadays in a world of “quick fixes” anybody can call themselves a personal trainer or life coach! 

The fitness world is not a regulated profession so it is hard to know if you are dealing with a crock or a certified professional who can get you safe, effective results. 

And on top of that personal training is expensive!!

In person training can range anywhere from $35-75 an hour.  At 3 sessions a week, you’re looking at anywhere between $420-900 a month.

So now your wondering how does this online training thing work?

First you will take quick quiz (made your heart skip a beat huh) don’t worry all the questions are about you!  You will pass with flying colors!! (It includes things such as your name, age, experience, injuries, etc.)

Then, you can either choose one of our certified trainers or we will assign you one based on your needs and goals.  They will then design your training program based entirely on your history, experience, goals, equipment and lifestyle.

You will have access to a custom platform that works with your smartphone where you can view a calendar of your workouts as well as videos and instructions on how to perform each exercise, proper weight to use and amount of reps and sets.

You will receive daily workout reminders, and your trainer will personally check in with you frequently.  We will also monitor your progress, keep tabs on you if you fall off the wagon, motivate you to stay on track and tweak your plans to keep you headed full steam ahead to your goals and dreams!

If at anytime you have questions or just need to touch base with someone who understands your journey we are here!

You will know exactly how to train

Every time you lace up those sneakers you will know exactly what to do!  You will know what exercises to perform, for how long, how many reps and sets.  You will get a plan designed just for your based on your personal goals, needs and equipment.  No two plans are alike!

Your trainer will be tracking your progress and closely monitor your program.  Can’t make it to the gym for a couple days, no problem your trainer has a plan for that!  Don’t have access to a gym, no problem your trainer has a plan for that!  Life is hectic and you can’t find time to workout, talk to your trainer and they will help you find a plan for that!  No excuses work around here!  We are a trainer in your pocket at all times following you around!!

You will have access to everything on an easy to use platform that tracks everything and works with your smart phone.  No more guessing and no more wasting time finding a workout for you.  Everything will be planned and personalized to work just for you!!


So after all of that what are you waiting for?  

Go right up to the services offered tab and sign up!! Get started on the right path to a healthy lifestyle today!!